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Our Facility

Our manufacturing facility follows strict procedures to ensure that our clothes meet international standards. From sourcing high-quality materials to implementing rigorous quality control measures, we take every necessary to maintain the highest level of quality. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to producing clothes that are not only stylish but also durable and long-lasting.



Factory Certifications


We are working with a variety of vendor factories that have various compliances.


Our internal assessment team carefully selects the vendor factories according to our client's compliance needs.


We have compliance factories with Wrap, Sedex, and Disney Certifications. We are a Social Accountability and Ethical Sourcing Organization.


Some of our vendors having ethical compliances like SA 8000.


Our compliance team will periodically audit the compliance certifications of vendor factories to ensure our commitment to client compliance requirements.


Ensuring Quality


At AN Fashion we have our own SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Quality Control. This ensures all Merchandise that we ship meets our clients Standards.

Pilot Run Inspection

A pre-production check is carried out once the production starts (approximately 50-75 pieces completed). The observations are recorded in the Pre-production inspection report.

At least three pieces per size/colour are selected and verified for measurements.


Inspection - During Production

Colorful Threads

In-Line Inspection

During production, an in-line inspection is carried out. The observations are recorded in the In-line inspection report.

Inline inspection is carried out daily during production in order to control quality effectively. Pieces are randomly selected and verified for quality parameters & SPI.

End-Line Inspection

After 70 % of the consignments are packed, End-Line inspectors conduct a pre-final inspection, which is considered a Mini-Final Inspection. The audit will cover styling, measurements, quality of packing assortments, presentation, and finishing.

Inspection - After Production

Final Inspection

After completion of the consignment final inspection is carried out as per the BS 6001,MIL STD 105E & AQL - Normal Level II Standards. The results are recorded in Quality assurance inspection chart. For measurement check, Measurement verification chart will be used during inspections.

Inspection Method :BS 6001, MIL STD 105E, AQL - Normal Level II, 2.5 for Major defects, 4.0 for Minor defects, NIL for Critical defects.
If a critical fault is found, merchandise will be subjected to 100% re-inspection by SNQS team. If the number of major & minor faults are above AQL 2.5, the merchandise will be subjected to a re-inspection. The factory will be advised to recheck goods fully and offer for re-inspection.

shirt on the box

Lab Facilities


Laboratories are a precious component of our service, facilitating smooth business transactions between manufacturers & exporters. Our laboratory services check colour matching as required, weight, dimensional stability, shrinkage, appearance after washing, colour fastness to washing and staining, and rubbing.

AN Fashion International has a sophisticated in-house testing lab for laboratory tests. We test fabric and finished garments. We offer technology packages that combine any or all services customized to our client's needs.

• Colour Fastness Tests in all Varieties

• Fibre Content & Labelling Instructions

• Flammability ( Vertical / Inclined)

• Analysis of Dyes, Water, Effluents, Chemical and auxiliaries

• Tests based on customers' specifications.
We perform all types of tests to ensure our products are shipped defect-free.

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